Sunday, January 8, 2012

Complete Guide about how to update Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570 firmware!

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Hello! In this article i am sharing the steps to update the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570. Here i am sharing the Android v2.3.6 firmware which is quite fast then the Android V2.2.1.

Important Steps to Do before proceeding to the Upgrade Process:

  • Make backup of your important data stored in Samsung Galaxy Mini.
  • Make Sure that your mobile battery is fully Charged.
  • Close any Antivirus software running on your PC.
  • Remove Memory Card And Sim Card Before upgrading Android Platform.
  • check the best working PC USB Port And the Working Data Cable.
  • Pc with Windows XP SP2.

Steps To Update Android v2.2.1 to Android v2.3.6:-

1. First of all download the Odin client from here Odin client.
2. Then download the "Android v2.3.6 firmware" for your Samsung Galaxy S5570 and "Tass OPS" file. 
Password of Firmware File: allinone
3. Open Odin client.

4. Browse the One Package ROM and OPS file.

5. Now boot the Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 into the download Mode. (Press the following buttons in switch-off mode Volume Down + OK + Power).

6. Now, connect your mobile phone to PC and click on start button to start the flashing process.

7. Then wait for sometime and you have done. Enjoy the new firmware.


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